Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pround of Clijster!

Kim Clijster is one of my favorite women tennis player so when she announced that she is retired some two years back, I was let surprised for her decision as she was very young then (she is still young now, only 26) and she was still very powerful in her games although she complained the injury of both her wrists on and off...

So after two years, she came back to the arena of tennis by playing some charity matches and went on to some real matches and what is so proud of herself is that she entered the recent US Open with wildcard yet she won the Grand Slam. I watched the last few matches she played, she is still a very great player undoubtedly! And I love the way she expressed herself in the winning speech, never go overboard like some other ladies... And her little darling girl Jada is so cute and she kept pointing to the display when she saw her mummy there! Clijster must be very happy and proud as she make it in front of her two darlings ~ husband & daughter ~