Friday, March 11, 2011

What If?...

I've watching many fast auto racing which involves cars and motorbikes. When it's dealing with fast racing, you can imagine the danger and the risk of sacrificing one's life. But this kind of sports seems to have many loyal audiences & their pay is very much something extraordinary! That's why people still go racing no matter how risky and dangerous. I guess they will face the consequences if anything happen to them. But if anyone ever imagine if the driver or the biker accidentally knocks into someone as the audience? It's possible right? And that's the reason I never watch it live at the scene! If it's really the case, I guess people involves will need motorcycle accident attorney Austin for the full claims. They have lawyers specializes in personal injuries and auto accidents. Besides, they will have the initial consultation free. If you need their service, please do not hesitate to contact:-

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They Start To Countdown...!

Still remember the countdown for Beijing Olympic Games 2008, we were waiting for the day anxiously. And the opening ceremony was a blast although some people think the other way. No matter what it is, I still think Beijing, China is successful in organizing such a big event. So the sports update the other day showed the people in London is countdown-ing for Olympic Games 2012. Oh I never imagine it just next year! It's so fast! What have I achieved in this 3 years time besides bringing my dearest son into this planet in 2009?... Hopefully there'll be more personally achievements in near future and lets wait for this huge sports game to start too! I'm very excited already!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Serena Admitted Emergency?!

That day I read the quick news of Serena Williams admitted to ICU on an emergency basis from Yahoo, I get shock a little bit because I was wondering what's actually happened to her and isn't those sportsperson are healthy people?... All sorts of queries popped out in my head. So when I check the further details about her condition, I understand that there was blood clots in her leg. She is now on the way of recovery and I hope she will gets well soon too because the major matches without her will be something amiss! She also said that she hope to return to the court in this Summer. So we'll wait and see!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tennis and Bullion

I'm thinking if the winners in Grand Slam will be presented with bullion coupled with the cash and trophies, I'm sure the players will be playing at a top notch momentum! Anyway, the prize money which is over US$1 Million should be considered a very good motivation! But some players still like playing in the practice mood and sort of. Sometimes it just hardly find a real sportsman with full of spirit when "battling" in their field. If not the prize money, will they still come for the match? I'm wondered. Sports and money is sometimes overlapping. Whatever it is, do check out with United States Gold Bureau for further assistance in buying this precious metal.

Not Updating Myself...

Ok I missed all those US Open warm up matches this time! I just don't have the spare time on the matches as my free time filled with baby stuff and books and books too :-) During the time when baby was still small I really couldn't squeeze in time for reading and I felt like my mind like lack of nutritious! You get what I mean? One has to read constantly for better information, knowledge, vocabulary and so on. Oops,.. that's a bit out of title. I can't predict who'll gonna take the US Open trophy home but the four names in my mind will be the top 4. Anyway, you know strange things do happen in Grand Slam quite frequent. I hope to see Rafa in final of course but I hope his opponent will not be FedEx, just anyone in the player list :-)

Rafa in Nike Primetime

I checked the tennis news/update yesterday as usual, I found Rafa is invited for Nike Primetime. It's a kind of Nike roadshow to promote their sportswear I guess. Together with Rafa is a supermodel who team-up with him playing tennis. I do not go into further information but just browsing for the photos uploaded there and read the brief descriptions beneath those photos. It can be seen Rafa is frequently participated this kind of activities which are good for him as well as maintaining a good relationship with his sponsorship. How glad the same roadshow can be held here in this very boring land!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

To The Outstanding Sportsperson!

Saw the news on the other day about the preparation works on Olympic Games 2012 in London. Earlier the talks are mainly about the doubtful on whether or not London can be as successful as China during the downhill of world economy?... Anyway, I guess they will have confidence in bringing another success in the eye of the world or else they won't come up with the bid. Am I right in assuming like this? On the other account, I personally think that the Olympic Committee should have suggested the giving of a special bullion to the most outstanding of sportsman and sportswoman. But for doing this there may foresee many pros and cons from different perspectives or they should have at least consult the United States Gold Bureau for their expert advice in the precious metals in the first place before getting the idea executed.