Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh Girl, U Are Brilliant!

Ana Ivanovic is too "hot" to handle! She's one of my favourite players recently. This Serbian loss 1st set for 0-6 & unbelievable she played better and better. And when her confident is back, she controlled the game. This is what I love about a match, u lose earlier doesn't mean u lose the whole game. If u are focus, serious & really put in effort, u may change the result at the end. So, Ivanovic proved it today!

Still remember this gal was "shaking" in US Open'07 (Semi-final) when playing with Justine but she is getting more matured in her game. Anyway, could u please do it again in the Final when u playing against "the disgusting noisy" Sharapova? (Sorry for Sharapova's fan but I just gotta say that)


lankapo said...

hahah hate sherapova ahh u?
yup I prefer ana too. I just hate when sherapova hit the ball she will produce a weird sound...

Rose said...

I also dont quite like Sharapova. Maybe bcos she is the pin-up girl, or i thought she over-do/show off sometimes! And I dont like her grunt! So loud and annoying! Why dont reserve her energy in hitting the balls instead?

I predict Sharapova may win this title, as Ivanovic is young and still havent that experience in playing in the final! But then again, anything can happen!An upset may happen

hcfoo said...

I don't hate sharapova but it's something about her that's kinda turn me off LOL

I'm hoping the sweet Ivanovic will win!