Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh No! What Happen To U, Rafa?

Disappointment after disappointment!!! First is Justine and today...I'm really upset by Rafa today but I'm sure himself would be 10x upset than me, of course! I know there's always a winner & a loser in a match BUT his play today is thoroughly not up to his standard, really a mess! And beaten by an unseeded player is not funny at all. Those who have watched it must agreed with me, right?!

Rafa, today is really not ur day. No matter how hard u hit the ball, it's either get stuck in the net or the damn ball just landed out of court. But u have improved from the past whereby u made it to Semi-final this year. Hopefully this title belongs to u next year!


Rose said...

yeah, an unbelievable match! I manage to watch the final set yesterday after work! He was not playing badly himself, just not his day and luck!!

hcfoo said...

I agree. It's just that Tsonga found his rhythm and in top form.

Nadal already improved in this year Australian Open by breaking the quarterfinal barrier ;)