Friday, February 1, 2008

The F1 Drivers I Love

Formula One is a "fast & furious" motor sports. I'm wondering how the drivers got their driving license. I mean how is the test carrying out?...I hope that I'm a "very versatile" driver but emm...ok. Talking about F1, 7-time Champion Michael Schumacher is the one I love the most. He's my "mentor" somehow! He proved to the world that he can "control" the whole circuit, he's real serious in his career & he's a disciplined sportsman unlike many of the F1 racers always go for "non-stop parties". (He's also a lovely family man) But he has retired from this sport.

Now there are two of them I guess will making a good future in their career:-)
Felipe Massa with Ferrari, he is getting more matured & improved in tackling difficult situations esp. racing in the rain while the rockie, Lewis Hamliton in McLaren is a real genius. Who won't agree with me for his stunning result in last season?...


Sweetiepie said...

I love to watch F1 before I married.Have you ever go to see the real F1 in Kl?

SportsChatz said...

Yes I hd watched F1 live in Sepang yrs ago wth my bro. I love d experience but I hate d weather make us uncomfortable watching. So I didn't go Sepang since then.