Friday, February 22, 2008

Perfect Match

I was once hate to see Finlay 'coz I think he is the only one who can always bring-in a stick with him while others cannot. But when this Irishman is to pair-up with this little guy name Hornswoggle, I like them both. They are great partners and of course Hornswoggle is more of the "entertaining value" to the audience!

For yesterday Smack Down (I believe that was the repeat show), they were competed with the Great Khali (a real Giant). Finlay was the one who fought 'til the end and won eventually. Hornswoggle was scared 'til his tears scroll-down and didn't show-up as he was hiding behind. But when Finlay has won, he asked the little guy came out to celebrate together and with the usual Irish dance! That was so hilarious!!! No matter what, I'll still call them the perfect match because they always complete each other in most of the showdown.Finlay's T-shirt, "I Love To Fight"Hornswoggle's T-shirt
-----------> I love to collect these two shirts <-----------


hcfoo said...

So many new wrestlers already, eh? I'm totally lost now. Hope to catch up some shows since you are a fan. At least can have some discussion ;)