Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My New Mission With This Blog

I love to write since I was a young kid. My drive to write is greater when I started to blog for sports and health issues for approximately 3 months because I get to know some friends who share their views with me. At first I'm curious as I saw PayPerPost (PPP) badges at many blogger friends' blog. It is even more exciting eventually when I found PPP after many explore and surveys have been done. Blog could be monetized once it has been approved. Isn't that sound fabulous?! So, I have decided to sign-up and of course prior to that, I'll make sure my blog complies with the requirements as specified in their rules so that it speeds up the process for approval.

Despite doing the task for blog reviews, I have discovered some resourceful websites providing useful information on many different perspectives such as personal loans, mortgages, hotel reservations and so on. Although some services and products are relatively stranger to me, I'll keep that in mind for my extra knowledge. Who knows, my friends or even myself may need it one day then I'll know where I should surf into.

And seriously, I wish to buy a notebook with the money that I'm going to earn from writing reviews. I know it sounds a bit far-fetch but I'll try my best to strive for it. The pushing factor is that my old notebook is malfunctioning due to its problem with the mainboard. I'm too stingy to withdraw money from my account to buy a new one. Therefore, I hope this is a better solution here! Well, it is a way too long to think about it but I love target. I believe it's a bright start at PPP and I'm pretty sure I can get what I'm looking for one day as money accumulated. I wish myself good luck!